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The Marina of Capri

The Marina of Capri is located on northern shore of the Island of Capri, Italy, at Marina Grande. The marina is adjacent to the commercial port and both are located inside a natural bay which provides shelter from the wind; the marina is also protected by two stone breakwaters.

The Marina of Capri is connected to the center of Capri town by a funicular, which transports passengers to the Piazzetta in four minutes. Near the marina, there are bus stops and taxi stands. Restaurants, caf├ęs, and grocery shops are also nearby.


Capri, Italy - Marina Grande
  • 40° 33' 27,62'' NORTH
  • 14° 14' 37,70'' EAST

Access to the Marina: call required as established by ordinance n. 28/2013 and 24/2014 (Art.4 gives precedence to commercial vessels) of Circomare Capri rules and regulations, which must be consulted.


  • Boat slips 300
  • Maximum depth 8 m
  • Maximum length 60 m
  • Speed limit 2 kn
  • Mooring type Bollard + buoy
  • Sea floor Rocky
  • Lights Red and green navigation lights
  • VHF Channel 71
  • Reserved areas Docks, Piers
  • Secondary winds E, SE, S, SW
  • Beam wind NE, N, NW, W
  • Wind shelters Grotta Bianca and Marina di Caterola
  • Dangers entering and exiting the marina Heavy traffic


Included in the slip rental:

  • Reception
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Wifi
  • Weather reports
  • 24 hour security
  • Electric cars
  • 24 docking assistance with dinghy

Not included in the slip rental:

  • Diver services
  • Fueling
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Crane service


  • City: Capri
  • Province: Naples (Italy)
  • Location: Marina di Caterola
Map of the Marina of Capri
Average distances (by sea)
  • Naples: 18 NM
  • Sorrento: 8 NM
  • Ischia: 17 NM
  • Procida: 15 NM
  • Amalfi: 20 NM
  • Salerno: 24 NM
  • Positano: 13 NM
Description of the Marina

The marina is sheltered by two large breakwaters:

"Darsena": The main stone breakwater to the west has three sections and a concrete pier along the inner side, forming a sheltered wet dock.

"Floating Docks": The outer breakwater to the east has two sections and a concrete pier along the inner side, to which a number of floating docks are connected. This breakwater connects to the "Calata di Riva Sud", the shoreline pier.

An inner breakwater pier divides the port into two sections: the western side is a port for commercial vessels and the eastern side is a marina for private vessels. Inside the eastern marina, there is also a wet dock sheltered by the inner breakwater, the shore, and a small pier in two sections.

Marina of Capri

Capri Sailing Week

Come ashore on Capri!

The island of dreams and desires, where poets, intellectuals, artists, and writers have found refuge for centuries. These dramatic, craggy coasts are an invitation for solitary walks, while the vibrant feel of the island's towns draw in visitors to the cosmopolitan but leisurely-paced nightlife.