Visiting the Island of Capri

Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples just a few nautical miles from the Peninsula of Sorrento, to which it was once attached. Today, Capri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, beloved for its dramatically craggy coastline, its sea caves tucked into the cliffs, and the glamorous yet informal feel of its island villages.

Capri is an island of a thousand faces, where visitors can walk the trails skirting the cliffs above the Mediterranean in total solitude, dive into the crystalline waters of its rocky shore, or plunge into the vibrant crowds of the Piazzetta and shop in the most fashionable boutiques in the world.

Getting Around the Island

From the Marina of Capri, you can easily reach th Piazzetta with the funicular. The ride lasts about 4 minutes and the picturesque red train leaves every 15 minutes.

Near the marina, there is also the bus station, where routes depart for all the island sights, and a taxi stand with Capri's characteristic open-top taxis. For those who would like to explore the island independently, you can rent a scooter. The center of the towns of Capri and Anacapri are both closed to traffic, so can only be explored on foot.

Map of the Island

The Island of Capr is divided into three areas: Marina Grande, where the marina and port are located, Capri, with the Piazzetta at its center, and Anacapri, the highest village on the island. The centers of both the towns of Capri and Anacapri are closed to traffic; there is a single road open to traffic which runs from the Marina Grande port to Anacapri, with a secondary road branching off to Marina Piccola (on the southern coast), the Punta Carena lighthouse, and the area near the Blue Grotto.

Sights on Capri