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"Marina Green": from sustainable mobility to energy savings

The Isle of Capri is launching an environmental challenge to tourism excellence, focusing on sustainable mobility, energy savings and reduced emissions.

The Marina and the sea are now conceived as strategic resources to strenghten the island's economy and to protect at the same time the environment, without losing competitiveness on the market.

The Marina of Capri is promoting green innovations providing new services for tourists and the docked boats: bike sharing, electric cars and free wi-fi connection; recycling collection points of waste batteries and waste oil; rationalization of water and energy savings.

From "Marina Grande" to "Marina Green" towards the sustainability: a decisive step in the construction of a model of virtuous development in the field of tourism services.

The following numbers show the first achievements of this sustainable revolution: the port area capacity is now of 300 boat slips, including 12 for yachts up to 60 meters; there are 6 bins for recycling waste; 65 dispensing columns of water and electricity, designed to meet the needs of different types of boats, which can be activated only by electronic badges; 40 lamps are provided with LED lights with low energy consumption; three electric cars provide a free shuttle service within the marina, that have already transported (from the 15th of May 2015 till now) about 25,000 users, removing the presence of cars and scooters in the area; a free bike sharing service is available to tourists in three different areas of the port.
Moreover, in the waters of Marina Grande there is a boat performing daily and extraordinary maintenance: it collects all kinds of waste from the sea and from the boats for free, and on request, it deals with the withdrawal of large quantities of waste, approaching directly to large yachts and avoiding the risk of any discharges at not appropriate times and places.

Important news also about transparency and communication: the site of the Marina of Capri ( has been completely updated, entering a reservation form that provides the rate of a boat slip in a transparent way.
A new info point just opened in the marina area in order to improve information service and to offer an efficient point of assistance to tourists.